Visual Gigabit PoE Switch with SFP


Product#: 5541-56

  • Visual LCD screen display
  • Monitor device status in real-time
  • Gigabit connectivity-gigabit RJ45 port&gigabit SFP port
  • IEEE 802.3af/at high compatible PoE capability
  • Network self recovery
  • Enhanced surge protection
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Fastcabling’s PoE system provides a solution for powering and communicating your remote network device over single Ethernet cable. The visual PoE switch has integrated both power and network switch which is the core components for the PoE system. Featuring Enhanced Surge protection and advanced cooling design, the visual PoE switch is capable of supplying dependable power and network for 24/7 running. Network self recovery function make sure the IP devices can be recovered automatically when hangs or freezes happens. The LCD screen display provides the intuitive way to learn the status of the each IP devices connecting to the switch. How do I connect How do I connect the switch  How do I connect the switch to  The built-in LCD screen presents the critical information about the IP devices which have been connected to the switch including the power consumption, bandwidth usage, warning message such as Over Load, Ultra Low Load, Short Circuit. It is the window to read the vital characteristics of your network. You also can manage the PoE switch by using 5 press button around the screen. The PoE power allocation, bandwidth control, VLAN, self recovery setup, etc. All those feature can be manage thru LCD screen display. The below video demonstrate how visual PoE switch works with IP camera, access point.

Key Feature

Visual Display PoE Switch

The visual PoE switches are the first switches from Fastcabling with LCD screen display. No special tools or skill are required, the visual switches provide the most simply and straight way to monitor and manage your network.


Gigabit Connectivity

The PoE Switch LCD  features 10 Gigabit RJ45 ports and two dedicated Gigabit SFP ports. All 12 ports are working independent for switching. Both RJ45 and SFP support uplink for backbone network.

Enhanced Surge Protection

Featuring a built-in high current Gas Discharge Tube for PoE ports. The visual POE switch delivers enhanced surge protection. The added Gas discharge Tube support effectively protects against lighting and other power surges.

Network Self Recovery

The visual PoE switch can detect communication link between remote IP devices. Once remote devices are hangs or freezes, the visual PoE switch will reboot devices by switch off the power and switch on after automatically.    

High Compatible PoE Capability

The Fastcabling visual PoE switch supports IEEE802.3af/at, enhance PoE, and Cisco capacitor detects devices.

Hardware Overview

Front Panel
11S-12SSFP port – support 100Mbps or gigabit SPFPowerOFF – power off Yellow- Power ON
9T-10TRJ45 port – 10/100/1000 Ethernet for uplink9T-12S Link/ATCOFF -No Link Red-10/100/1000mbps link flashing indicates data exchanging.
1-8RJ45 port – 10/100/1000 Ethernet with PoE, support IEEE802.3af/at, enhance PD and Cisco device1-8 (Link/ACT)OFF-No Link Red-10/100/1000mbps link flashing indicates data exchanging.
1-8 PoEOFF-No POE Yellow – 48V standard PoE.

Quality Certification

Quality is Fastcabling’s highest mission. We always focused to standardized quality assurance procedures and continuously monitoring to ensure our customers receiving high quality products. Moreover, we are committed to provide nice services and solutions to solve customer demands. If you have any question, please contact us without hesitation.

Questions & Answers

Q:     How far can my IP camera connect with this switch? A:     It is 100 meters with standard IEEE802 network. If CCTV mode is turned on, the max. distance between camera and the switch can reach 250 meters, but the data rate will be slowed down to 10Mbps. Q:     What is the Max. PoE power budget per port? A:     25.5W per port. The actual PoE budget also depends on your IP devices. If the IP devices is compatible with IEEE802.3af standard, The visual PoE switch will only output 14.4W. The PoE switch can output 25.5W only if the front-end IP devices is compatible with IEEE802.3at. Q:     Can I plug non-PoE device to the POE ports? A:     Yes. That PoE port will work as convenient Ethernet port. The visual PoE switch can detect the feedback current and determine whether it is the legal PoE device or not. If the device doesn’t need power, the visual PoE switch will not send the power. Q:     How do I connect the switch to my main network? Will this burn my main network? A:     Either the PoE port, uplink port or SFP fiber port can work as uplink port. However, you can’t connect more than one ports to same upstream network which will create ring network. You only need to pick one of the port as uplink. No, It will not cause potentially fry the devices on the main network. The visual PoE has built-in IC to determine whether the devices on the another end requires power or not. Q:     Is this a managed switch? A:     The visual switches provide the most simply and straight way to monitor and manage your network. You can manage the switch by using the LCD display. Q:    Does this switch have some type of safety protection? A:    Except for the power signature which will detect and determine whether you IP devices need power or not, the visual PoE switch also has Over Load Protection, Ultra Low Load Protection, Short Circuit Protection. You can monitor those protection by using the LCD display. Q:    Will visual PoE switch work with 220v? A:     Yes, the visual PoE switch has built-in internal power supply which accepts universal input from 100V-240VAC.

Model Comparison

Switching Capacity12.8 Gbps52 Gbps11.2 Gbps24 Gbps
SFP2222 (dedicated)
PoE StandardIEEE 802.3af/at, CiscoIEEE 802.3af/at, CiscoIEEE 802.3af/at, CiscoIEEE 802.3af/at, Cisco
DC Voltage53V53V53V53V
Surge Protection±6KV±6KV±6KV±6KV
Max. Power Consumption420W420W380W150W


Visual PoE Switch User GuideDatasheet


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