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  • Plug and play, watch and record live on iOS, Android and Tablet devices
  • 4 units Invisible infrared provide clear night vision
  • Share the camera’s live-video with your family or friends.
  • Colour HD 1080p day/night with audio
  • Message notification after camera detects change inside birdhouse
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3 Minutes to Install IP Bird Box camera Kit

IP bird box camera is a reliable and powerful bird watching system to access the birds living with 3 minute easy setup.

It features PoE stable live streaming video of all the exciting bird activities. This is the most convenient device that equips with the whole kit for easy installation and high definition video share remotely.

Green-backyard IP bird box camera kits contains 1080p PoE mini camera, 60 feet outdoor cat5e cable and IEEE 802.3af PoE injector. Wired cable provides stable connectivity, simply plug the PoE cable, the camera will start to stream the video online 24/7. You also can simply view live images on your smartphone or tablet – all in incredible 1080p HD. Working with free PC software or video recorder, you can keep recording files for over 30 days.  The IP bird box camera equips with adjustable 2.8mm super wide angle lens, and it will send you a message when it detects any change inside the nest box, telling you the best timing to watch the birds’ activities. With the built-in microphone, you can hear the chirping of the birds. It is the advanced bird watching system ideal for enthusiast and professional nature watchers, which comes with a 3-year warranty  

+ How it work

  • The IP bird box camera connects to your home internet router with Ethernet cable and PoE injector. The maximum range between the camera and router is 30m by using the 10m AC extension cable. (all included in the kit)
  • The camera can stream reliable live video from the bird box with audio to your mobile devices, such as computer, iPad or iphone.
  • With the camera, you can record the birds in 1080p high definition day and night, and view them whenever you want on the app.

+ Benefit

  • Spy Birdhouse Camera on Mobile Phone
  • 1080p HD Video
  • Notifying when Bird Moving
  • Easy to Install – Plug and Play
  • Lively Audio with Built-in Microphone
  • Wired Reliability
  • Adjustable Focus with Wide-Angle Lens
  • Mass Recording to PC Computer
  • Fit into Custom Nest House

+ What is include?

  • 1. IP Birdhouse camera
  • 2. 0.2 meters Ethernet Cable
  • 3. Bracket and screws pack
  • 4. PoE injector
  • 5. Power Cord
  • 6. 20 meters Ethernet cable
  • 7. Gift Box

+ Specification

  • Spy Birdhouse Camera on Mobile Phone
  • 1080p HD Video
  • Notifying when Bird Moving
  • Easy to Install – Plug and Play
  • Lively Audio with Built-in Microphone
  • Wired Reliability
  • Adjustable Focus with Wide-Angle Lens
  • Mass Recording to PC Computer
  • Fit into Custom Nest House


  • Q: What difference between PoE birdhouse camera and Wi-Fi birdhouse camera?
  • A: You will need to wire PoE birdhouse camera back to your network router with single Ethernet cable. The PoE (power over Ethernet) allows single cat5e cable to carry both power and network signal. The Wi-Fi birdhouse camera transmits the network using the Wi-Fi connectivity. You don’t need to wire Wi-Fi birdhouse camera back to the network router.
  • Q: Can I watch this birdhouse camera on smart phone or tablet?
  • A: Yes. The free app needs to be installed in your mobile devices in order to connect the camera. And the camera has built-in audio and you can hear bird’s singing clearly.
  • Q: Which devices does the app work with?
  • A: It supports most of both Android and iOS devices. You can test our live birdhouse camera in official site with your mobile phone or tablet.
  • Q: Can I watch on my computer?
  • A: Yes, the free PC software CMS5 allows you to full access the camera, including recording the video to your PC computer.
  • Q: Will it work on my TV?
  • A: You can’t watch the PoE birdhouse camera on the TV directly. However, some of the smart TV allows you to install the app. You can test our live birdhouse camera on your smart TV.
  • Q: What should I concern for installation?
  • A: There’s cable wiring between your camera and network port (RJ45). You need to figure out how to wire the cable.
  • Q: How can I record the birdhouse camera?
  • A: You can’t record it directly because the IP birdhouse camera doesn’t have micro-SD card slot. However, we have free PC software that enables to record video from PC computer. Also the camera supports ONVIF Profile-S.


IP Nest Box Camera >> Video Test Reports with IR LED.

LIVE DEMO of the camera

Green Backyard offers free online examples of our nest box cameras. Simply test our products with your mobile phone.  Install the app from the Apple Store or Google Play. In less than 2 minutes you can see the high quality of the pictures.

Notification Push Message

Bird watching or birding allows bird lovers in all groups and age to gain great enjoyment when learning the bird activities, especially if they are using a suitable bird camera with advanced convenient functions. As the customers who had experienced of bird watching said that 99% of time during birding is boring which really challenges their patience and time. Time is money is a truly wisdom to people in modern society. Saving time is the main point for driving the development of technology. If you are beginning bird lover who is concerned to have the same situation that affects you willing to watch birds. Fortunately, the notification push message can tell you the best timing to watch bird activities, saving tremendous time for waiting or checking on your mobile devices.Read more


4 Methods to Connect Birdhouse Camera to Mac

Nowadays, anyone can install IP technology-based birdhouse camera and spy the bird activities on the mobile phone, tablet, PC computer. However, view the bird box on the apple Mac OS could be a little bit tricks. We have covered all the possible solutions here from directly URL like RTSP command to more sophisticated solution like Mac software.Read more


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