4 port Industrial Hardened PoE Switch

Product#: 5838-65

Ideal solution for long distance fiber connection with multiple powered devices in harsh environment

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4 port Industrial Hardened PoE Switch is a rational investment of PoE+ power and gigabit Ethernet extension in multi powered devices fiber network system.

Adding this switch, you can connect more than one remote powered devices in the same area without dealing with dedicated electrical AC outlets issue. Industrial grade, wide range input power, and build-in SFP slots provide great flexibility and convenience for long distance PDs deployment.


The Fastcabling Industrial Hardened PoE Switch is designed for long-distance stable power and data extension, providing stable performance and great flexibility for Gigabit Ethernet long distance extension without affecting the data. The industrial PoE switch is ideal for hardened environment, withstanding wide range operating temperature from-40℃ to 75 ℃. It can be deployed at outdoor, climatically demanding and other harsh environments in a rugged IP30 metal housing. It accepts a wide range input power from 24V to 55V DC which means power supply unit can be deployed closed to the switch or a little bit far away. Comply with IEEE 802.3at PoE+ standard, delivering 30W output power for high power applications. Its installation is easy by using Ethernet cable to transmit power and data simultaneously, eliminating the need of dedicated electrical AC outlets on any unreachable places. The industrial PoE switch is with two build-in SFP slots, providing a flexible way by using fiber to extend long distance. The distance can be extended from 550 meters (multi-mode fiber) to 10/20/30/40/50/60/70/120 kilometers (single-mode fiber or WDM fiber).

How it Works

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Industrail PoE switch


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PoE Switch


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Media Convertor



+ Benefits

  • Long-distance power and network extension
  • Fiber-optical link capability)
  • Wide range operating temperature, -40℃ to 75 ℃
  • Convenient and reliable power system
  • Safe and easy PoE network deployment
  • Supports PoE+ Power up to 30 watts output of each port
  • Up to 4 IEEE 802.3af/at devices powered
  • DIN Rail and Wall Mount Design

+ Specification

    • Dimensions: 177×155×52mm
    • Weight: 932.3g
    • Networking Interfaces: (4) 10/100/1000 Mbps PoE Ports (2) 1 Gbps SFP Ethernet Ports
    • Management Interface: Plug & Play
    • Switching Capacity: 12Gbps
    • Forwarding Rate: 8.9Mpps
    • MAC Address Table: 1K,Automatic study, automatic updates
    • Jumbo frame: 9216 Bytes
    • Packet buffer: 1M bit
    • Maximum VLANs: 255
    • Power Method: External
    • Input Voltage: 24V-55VDC
    • LEDs Per Port: PWR, LNK/ACT, PoE
    • ESD/EMP Protection: Air: ± 8 kV, Contact: ± 6 kV
    • Surge Protection: Different mode ±4 kv, Common mode ±6 kv
    • Operating Temperature: -40°C ~ 75 °C
    • Operating Humidity: Air: ± 10kV, Contact: ± 8 kV
    • Certifications: CE, FCC, IC
    • PoE Interfaces: PoE+ IEEE 802.3af/at (Pins 1, 2+; 3, 6-)
    • Max.PoE+Wattage per Port by PoE: 32W
    • Voltage Range 802.3at Mode: 48V


  • Q: Is the Harden Grade PoE switch’s SFP 1,000gb?A: No, both SFP and RJ45 ports are 1GB.
  • Q: Does it automatically adjust the wattage of each port?A: Yes. It also depends on your front-end PoE device. If the front-end PoE device is compatible with IEEE802.3at standard, the hardened PoE switch can supply maximum 30W.
  • Q: Does the hardened PoE switch only support single mode fiber?A: Both single mode and multi mode can be used with Hardened PoE switch. The SFP module determines type of the fiber optical cable.
  • Q: Can it be powered by a higher level PoE switch?A: No, it must be powered by the DC power supply which ranges from DC24V-DC55V. The power supply unit can be deployed closed to the switch or a little bit far away as the flexible power input is accepted.
  • Q: Does this switch support T568A or B?A: T568A/B is a wiring standard, not a device standard. If you are making cables, make sure you use the same standard on both ends. If you are purchasing cables you have nothing to worry about, just plug and play.

+ What is included

    • 1. PoE extender
    • 2. Screws
    • 3. Mounting template
    • 4. Waterproof cap
    • 5. User Guide
  • 3-year GURANTEE For peace and quiet, we offer a 3-year warranty on all our products.
  • Returns You can return your product within 30 days of receipt of the product for full refund.


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