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Thanks for your email. This is Steve from the support team. 

There are two things you can try:

1. Would you please use the “Local login” to enter ICSee APP? Next you tap the + button on the top right screen and click more to pull up all the options. Now you can search the camera’s in the same LAN. The Local Login will try to connect the camera with a static IP address instead of Cloud ID while both camera and app stay inside the same local network. The cloud ID may need the cloud server assist. 

2. If it still doesn’t work, I will suggest you check the camera’s IP address setting. Make sure the camera network setting is correct, especially the subnet mask, gateway and the DNS. You can install the PC software to connect the camera. It always places the PC computer on the same switch as the camera. This is the instruction to install the PC software. https://green-backyard.com/pages/how-to-install-pc-software-for-birdhouse-camera/  

If you have any questions, pls contact us and we are glad to help.

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