GB25008 app无法收到移动通知信息

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GB25008 app无法收到移动通知信息

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Hi Ned,

I apologize for the issue. If you have enabled the motion recording but you can’t receive the notification message, please install the PC software or Mac software to enable the PMS feature (push message service).

Below is the link to download the PC software.

Attached I sent you the image of the guide.

If you don’t have a computer to change the setting, please provide me the camera’s ID and the password you saved to the camera ( it is not the password for iCSee app), I will change the setting for you remotely.

Attached I sent you the second image to find the ID, You will need to copy the full ID and send me as long as the email, I will be able to log into the camera remotely.

Best regards,

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