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Long Distance PoE Networking

PoE (Power over Ethernet) enables us to use a single Ethernet cable to deliver both power and data to IP terminals such as IP camera, access point, VoIP phone, etc. It makes installation easier. PoE is limited to 100 meters (328 feet). To solve this problem, Fastcabling has developed a long-distance PoE solution that is able to transmit both power and data beyond 100 meters without breaking the IEEE802.3 standard. There are common PoE extension, 800 meters of PoE and PoE switching media available. Some people asked if these PoE extension solutions work with non-PoE devices. The answer is positive. There is a connection between the power supply and the flange device. If the power supply detects that the edge device is incompatible with corresponding PoE standard, the power supply device will only provide the data link.
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