Helping you watch live IP bird camera

This page aims to provide help supports for bird loves who confront with problem of watching birds from bird cameras on mobile devices, especially on Mac. Here you can find the related quesitons and their solutions conveniently.

If you have any problems which are not covered on this page please don’t hesitate to contact us via email or live chat, or just make the call.

4 Way to Connect Bird Box Camera on Mac

Any IP- based birdhouse camera can be view with mobile devices, but if you want to connect the camera with apple Mac OS, it is a little be tricky. Here we provide 4 solutions, helping you to record the live camera and save as avi files to your Mac.

These 4 solutions includes the VLC Player (free open source software), VMS software (software comes with the camera), SecuritySpy (3rd party paid software) and Synology NAS (online driver for data storage). Read more

Live Stream Bird Watching on Mac Youtube | Step by step

Do you know how to get live stream video from bird box camera with Mac? There’s no dennying that lots of bird lovers intend to share these exciting moments with others, Youtube is a popular platform.

Then how to share the live birdhouse camera on Youtube by using Mac, this may be a little complicated as its system. This video can help you overcome this issue more easily, you will get clear instructions that is displayed step by step. Read more


Connect your Bird Box Camera to Synology NAS station

You can connect the bird box camera to Synology NAS. It is an online driver for data storage. Hope this video can help you figure out the detailed operation. Read more

Connect PoE IP Camera for Bird watching on Mac

You are able to view live video from birdhouse camera after connecting on Mac. In this video, Joe would display how to connect PoE IP camera on Mac.

Connect camera to Synology NAS

Connect Birdhouse Camera to WiFi on Mac

If you can not hook up WiFi bird box camera on your WiFi network, you can try it with software on Mac.

4 Way to connect bird box camera on Mac

View your Bird Box Camera with Free VLC Player on Mac

VLC Player is an open source software, which can help you view your live birdhouse camera on Mac. Let’s follow the video to see how it works.

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